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Samantha is a Salt Lake City photographer specializing in lifestyle, portraiture, and weddings.  

Samantha’s style is a combination of photo-documentary training and years in the commercial photo industry. Her keen eye for spontaneity plus her commercial sensibilities give her work a polished feel while still maintaining a lively and candid energy.


Whether she’s shooting a wedding event, editorial portrait, or a lifestyle shoot with professional models, Samantha’s cheerful outlook on life and good humor lets her subjects feel relaxed and comfortable, allowing for genuine and authentic imagery.


Born and raised in New Jersey, Samantha moved to New York City in 2001 to start her career in photography. After more than a decade making pictures in the Big Apple, she relocated to Salt Lake City for the open spaces, epic climbing, and 500+ inches of powder.


For more information on photography services, pricing, and schedule please contact Samantha directly.

Samantha Mitchell

Salt Lake City, UT



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